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Virtual & Augmented Reality in Marketing

If you are in marketing business, many new digital marketing innovations may have already caught your attention. Even you feel that digital transformation is necessary to increase your sales, engage your customers and compete with your competitors, you have still some doubts. 

Digital world is changing and evolving fast, so we need to change our communication too. Customers have already seen it all before. They are spammed with emails, social media ads, blogs and vlogs, so they can recognise what is boring and irrelevant for them.

We all know that to do effective digital marketing you have to know your audience needs, so you can give them the best user experience.

Engaging and raising brand awareness became a huge challenge for many companies. Using new digital marketing technologies to achieve this is becoming a rising TREND. One of the Marketing Trends for 2020 is Virtual and Augmented Reality. 

What are the benefits of VR and AR in Marketing?

1. Engagment

Nowadays, we can say, that social networks will be fully connected with AR. Big companies already have all information about us. They will come with something special and playful. Look how Augmented Instagram and Facebook filters are successful. Tell me who has never tried them before? People love to engage with interactive ads which make them laugh. 

Spark Instagram filters

2. Personalization

One of the trends that is not going anywhere. People always want to participate. They want to see, touch and try the products in real life. Some of the companies already started Virtual Shopping which gives people real power to engage with products. They can try make-up, sunglasses, shoes, coffee machines and much more. Read more about Virtual Shopping in our previews blog.

VR shopping solution for companies

3. Visualization

Creating a perfect visualization is impossible without power tools. Thanks to Augmented reality, it is done quickly. You can indeed prepare the data and pictures in a presentation, but it is boring from the customer’s point of view. Today, innovative businesses use VR headsets, VR presentations and interactive 3D models to show the power of visualization. 

4. Experience

It is not enough to buy a product and leave the shop. Companies want to give their customers a unique experience. They want to make the best WOM and have their customer back soon. People love to have fun shopping, studying or even working. Imagine that you have two different ads for an alcohol brand. One bottle has only image + product info, and another has image + product info + Augmented Reality solution, which lets customers interact with the product. What do you think? What will be a more memorable experience for customers? See the video below, and you may know the answer. 

5. Tutoring​

Instructions on creating, repairing and managing products and services have never been easier to understand, faster to manage and more friendly to work with. With AR mode, which will show you exactly what to do, companies, kids, and customers will never need external help.


Augmented and Virtual reality is more than just futuristic solutions or gaming. It is one of the driving forces behind sales and marketing innovations over the following years.

Using Virtual and Augmented solutions, companies will be able to upgrade the customer experience, increase sales and create a great WOM.