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AR Filter • BeWooden

As a part of our ongoing Virtual Shopping campaign, we wanted to bring business to Instagram – literally! We are one of the first studios to bring AR shopping to Instagram.

For Bewooden we created a total of two projects: one of them was a simple Instagram filter with their iconic bowtie, the second was an Augmented Reality / Virtual Shopping project where we projected their decorations on the wall.

The brief
As part of new digitization efforts in bringing their business to Instagram, our client was excited to try a new way of allowing customers to experience products in the comfort of their own home.

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Virtual Shopping is not just a “seasonal” matter. It holds the key to the future of shopping!

"We wanted to meet the needs of our customers and inspire them. With the help of AR filter, they can see the decoration in their place."

Radim Ivan - CMO


Our challenge was to create a scalable Instagram filter that people could use at home in order to see if the specific Bewooden products are the right fit for their space.


Emphasis was placed on the UX, especially maintaining the simplicity and conciseness of visual instructions. The result is a filter that predicts the future of AR shopping on Social Media. 


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