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Posted by Katarina
May 2, 2022

20 Statistics about VR, AR, XR, and Metaverse you should know in 2022

The simulated environment created by virtual and augmented reality technology has been a significant interest in tech circles for some time now. But if...

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Posted by Veronika
April 7, 2022

How is the Metaverse Going to Change your Business?

The Internet has allowed us to imagine living in another world. Since its creation, numerous novels, films and video games have been published that...

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Posted by Inna
June 16, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Interactive Screens

The past year has seen some incredible changes in the way we interact with brands and products. We’ve gotten so used to relying on...

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Posted by Natalia
November 17, 2020

Virtual Shopping increases your daily sales

Virtual Shopping – It’s Not Just For COVID-19 situation, It’s Forever! The world believes this coronavirus outburst will soon be just an additional chapter...

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