Virtual Shopping increases your daily sales

Virtual Shopping – It’s Not Just For COVID-19 situation, It’s Forever! The whole world believes that this coronavirus outburst will soon be just an additional chapter in a history textbook so why should we suddenly go virtual? I’ m glad you asked! This article will tell you that having a Virtual Shopping is not just a “seasonal” matter and that it holds a key to the future of shopping! 

1. Innovative​

Well, there are a lot of resources in the field of Augmented and Virtual reality. Huge companies like Google and Facebook keep pouring money into new AR startups. They are competing who will be first. Let me show you some examples where you can see investments into the VR & AR. 

  • Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion USD (Yes! You see well!)
  • Google invested around $1.4 billion USD to Magic Leap (another AR/VR wonder)
  • There is over $650 million USD cumulated in Augmented and Virtual Reality startups

I could go on and on and the message would be still the same – the future is where the money goes! Are you sad that your business is not about AR/VR world? Don’t be, you can always connect your business with the newest technology and be one step ahead of your competitors!

2. Crazy Increase in Sales​

When I say crazy I mean CRAZY! A study conducted on 1100 shoppers in the US revealed some interesting numbers for AR in retail. Come and have a look with me!

Benefits of Augmented Reality

This little study also showed which retail fields can benefit from having a shopping experience in AR, too.  

Even in a store 82% of respondents said they use their phones to find more information about the item they want to purchase! It’s time to let them find more information in a more engaging way.

AR in retails

This little study also showed which retail fields can benefit from having a shopping experience in AR, too. 

People want to have fun. They want to have fun when studying, when working and when shopping too. If you are able to provide them with the fun they need, they will love it. And they will be coming back for more! And this is what you want! You want people to come back for more items. You want positive word-of-mouth.

With all the fun aside, virtual shops make a lot of things easier for our customers. It gives them the possibility to see how the item fits in their interior, by just one click they can change color, texture and see if that is the right purchase! It gives them time and all the means to decide properly so they don’t have to return it later…

The list goes on and on. We can’t stress enough how effective this tool really be!

In conclusion, having a shop in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is a long-term investment that will keep giving back! The field of AR and VR is growing and soon this will be something people demand on regular basis. You can be a step ahead and think about it NOW.

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