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How to build your Metaverse: by CTO of YORD Studio

With the Metaverse at the top of emerging trends and technologies for the following years, brands are starting to explore their possibilities in this universal and immersive virtual world. The Metaverse concept was brought a step closer to the audience at the Metaverse Festival 2022, where the industry experts delivered some fascinating insights on the newest extended reality technologies, which are the key to metaverse development. 

As a global creative VR, AR, XR, and Metaverse studio specializing in complex interactive projects and building high-end immersive experiences — we were one of the main organizers. Our CTO and co-founder, David Mařák, did a great job explaining how to develop your Metaverse. For most people and business owners, creating your Metaverse is still an undiscovered area, meaning that there are many things they need to comprehend before embarking on this immersive experience.

The Metaverse development

Before explaining the building blocks of the Metaverse, David gave a short Metaverse history lesson and illustrated how exactly we got to a place where it was Metaverse everywhere. Its roots might be traced back to the start of the pandemic, which led our lives into a technically intensive dimension when the lack of physical contact made our lives highly dependent on technology. In 2021, it seemed like we had so many technological breakthroughs based on VR and AR technology, and that trend was seen in the rise of the VR/AR market, which is projected to reach $454.73 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 40.7%. This all changed its course when the man behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that this social media pioneer is rebranding as Meta, claiming the Metaverse is the next evolution of social connection. And suddenly, it was all about the Metaverse. 

According to David, there’s still no clear and precise definition of the metaverse. He used the term “next generation of the internet”, referring to the fact the metaverse won’t be just one platform to rule them all. Still, there will be multiple metaverses connected in a multi-layer system. He argued that the best way to depict what the metaverse will look like is by showing its layers, starting from the infrastructure.

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Layers of the Metaverse

The infrastructure is the core of explaining the metaverse, and technology like 5G and powerful GPUs are getting more and more advanced. The next layer of the metaverse would be the human interface. A significant thing about this layer is that most people in developed countries are now equipped with phones that support augmented reality and can deliver a really good 3D experience. The next crucial factor of the Metaverse is its decentralization, meaning that the internet will be a more democratic place, where all of your data will be owned by – you. The following outer layers of the Metaverse are spatial computing, creator economy, discovery, and the last one, the user, faces as an end product is an experience we have when we enter the Metaverse.

How to build a Metaverse

The main objective of David’s presentation was to deliver a precise recipe for brands and individuals on the best way to reach the metaverse. To summarise, the metaverse is reachable in 3 ways: entering an existing metaverse, adapting your metaverse, and creating your metaverse. The first option would be to find a metaverse that works for you and buy a property there. It could be some land or a house, or you can even build your brand’s branch. There are many metaverses in which you can build your presence. The second option means you don’t want to be a part of the existing metaverse, but you want to own a metaverse. Some open-source platforms and tools already allow the user to enter.


The last option is the most challenging but gives you the most autonomy. There are a few steps to execute your metaverse idea. The first is the technical part, programming it or hiring someone to do so. The second one is more oriented to your business model. Since there are many brands onboarding and so many possibilities to explore, the key should be to find your target audience and work toward them. The third step would be to decide which immersion level you’re going with. There are multiple interfaces, starting from legacy gateways, augmented reality, and virtual reality, where you get the whole immersion experience. It’s all about the different integration layers, meaning anybody can join another solution with a different interface and communicate together in one space or one network. 

If we are talking about the visual aspect of what you want to present to your clients, there are some limitations, and you should always choose what’s your primary goal. Between it being realistic, stylized, and “lowpoly”, brands most often opt for realistic solutions. Furthermore, when looking into building a new Metaverse, we often want flawless visual quality, perfect interaction between us and our surroundings, and ideal scalability, meaning that anyone can easily join our world, interact with others and have easy onboarding. But the Metaverse is still flawed and it’s almost impossible to fill all of these boxes. In a trilemma between the visual quality, interactivity, and scalability brands should always choose two main priorities. And while the visual aspect of the Metaverse is quite important, it’s the integration layer that keeps it a viable option for the users. Without the connection, it would just be multiple separate metaspaces. Metaverse should contain several different platforms in which users can communicate and stream their services, amongst other things. The main integration layers include data integration, API integration, tools integration, event-driven integration, DApp integration, and NFT marketplace integration.

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If you want to join the Metaverse, you need to understand it and get into it. For a newcomer, this whole concept could be pretty confusing, and brands just entering the field might ask themselves, is there a shortcut? Yes, there is, to hire a professional Metaverse company that will lead your first steps towards the Metaverse. 

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