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AR Marketing Trends in 2021

Consumer desire has always driven the market, and today, as technology advances, their passions are changing as well. Brands and companies must keep their marketing strategies up to date if they want to get the best out of them. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are becoming quite a trend in the marketing and sales fields. It lets the customers experience something unique that they have not experienced before. Especially if it only requires a mobile phone that the majority of the customers have in their pockets ready to use at any time.

Try before you buy! 

As a customer, you would have always wanted to try a product before purchasing it. So the virtual showrooms are at the rising point in the retail industry. With the help of nowadays technology, you can now try makeup, clothing and even furniture to see how it looks in your sacred place and interact with it without even leaving your house. 

Facebook, for example, has already recognized the potential of AR technology in advertising, offering its users the opportunity to try on the sunglasses using the camera of their device.

shopping ar app smartphone

Nevertheless, brands like L’Oréal and Sephora also provide an opportunity for their customers to see how the makeup products would look like on them digitally.

Another area where AR technology helps the customers with their choices is the virtual fitting rooms. Virtual experience frees you from lugging a massive pile of clothes to the fitting room, and sometimes the stores do not have all the options for customers to try on.

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Boring business cards? No way!

Everything new is well forgotten. What would you say if you’d see a brochure or a business card that would come alive with the help of your device camera? Pretty cool, right? By adding a virtual component to business cards, brochures, or any other branding material. So, if you want to impress customers, you should think about this one!

Hello! I am your virtual assistant…

Everything is all about making the customer satisfied, so that is what StubHub was thinking about when they created an AR app for Super Bowl ticket buyers. You could see what your seat looks like in the app before making the purchase and also see how it overlooks the stadium. Pretty handy, right? 

We also created a project for Škoda, which shows the electromobility of their cars through AR presentation. It provides the best and simplest way for their clients and partners to learn about the system of electric and hybrid vehicles. Our Virtual Experience for ČSOB was a smartphone app that can send information about card expiration, pet insurance, travel insurance, energy spendings and watchdog subscription. Each of these was in the form of interactive info points around a living room that are engaging and easily accessible.

web application csob virtual assistant

Mercedes is one of the companies that implemented an AI assistant with an augmented reality interface, so Mercedes owners can use an AR app called “Ask Mercedes”, ask some questions and expect an answer from the virtual assistant.

As you can see from this article, AR is more than just Instagram filters, which are also great for raising your brand awareness, by the way. It can truly enhance your customer or client experience by bringing something authentic and unusual to a usual process. AR has a great potential for marketing and sales campaigns and will be used actively over the next decade, as it efficiently increases business opportunities and sales.

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