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Print AR • Business Cards

Development of unique business cards utilizing the latest AR technology.


Creating an innovative design for a business card can be difficult, but we are confident our designers have come up with a compelling and modern solution. We believed it was important to not only present our brand but also highlight the potential of print AR.


The brief
We wanted our business cards to reflect the power of our industry, so we decided to utilize AR technology in the form of an animated filter. The cards are designed in a way to enhance the experience of the user and leave a memorable impression.

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    Print AR

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    Design, Development

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Transform any printed work with AR technology. Think: business cards, posters, T-shirts and more!

Let's push the limits of the physical world and create something unforgettable!


The challenge was to create a business card that would be unique and innovative while remaining functional for the user. We knew there had to be an edge to these cards and found this solution within our industry


Our designers and developers combined the functionality of traditional business cards with the innovation of print AR. Our cards feature a sleek design that reflects the aesthetic of our company brand. In addition, we added a QR code that, when scanned, unlocked a unique filter. 


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