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Hello Yord! Our journey beyond reality

I would like to make a very important announcement regarding something I’m extremely excited about.

2018 was a momentous year with some life-changing decisions I made. Despite having an amazing start to my professional career, I decided to quit my job and took some time off to figure out how to play this realistic simulation called life. While being on a trip around beautiful Southeast Asia with plenty of time to think, I made an agreement with myself about a few important things: First, I want to work on ideas that I’m excited about and ultimately start something that has the potential to change things to better. I know, I’m 110% millennial.

Nevertheless, with a concrete project in mind, I’ve spent the last months endlessly preparing, reading, drawing, working, discussing, meeting and finding the right-minded people to build a tangible version of this plan. I found my Co-Founder and Partner in crime David, who brings years of technical knowledge but most importantly shares the passion for our mutual project (and was crazy enough to join me). It’s currently 2019, a brand new year, and I cannot be more grateful and happy to officially introduce to you our new XR {Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality} Studio Yord.

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Now, more about the Yord itself. The word ‘Yord‘ might have several meanings but the truth is, we’ve found the island named Yord while browsing Superman’s home planet Krypton. Not sure how to explain that, let’s say that browsing Comics’ maps is our favourite free time activity. Yord also means supernatural or superior intelligence. As it is our mission to make reality better through giving people real superpowers, we cannot be more in love with the name we chose.

Dare to think big! Yord‘s vision is to be a globally leading, creative XR studio focused on agency work with its own production of meaningful projects within the VR/AR space. Sometimes to change the reality, you need to create a new one. Sometimes you simply need to go beyond what is already there.

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