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Virtual & Augmented Studio of the Future

Who we are, What we do, and Why we do it.​

YORD is a studio creating immersive AR|VR|MR content and engaging, interactive applications. 

We focus on tech-heavy use-cases and projects in Virtual and Augmented Reality. We also provide 3D visualizations,hyperooms, AR filters, 360º video capture, post-production services, and the development of real-time render interactive virtual reality experiences. We also consult our clients on strategic distribution services to amplify reach and effectiveness.

Our mission is to lead businesses into immersive reality and create unforgettable experiences. We help companies to increase customer engagement, improve brand awareness and most importantly, help them realize the true potential behind these technologies.

Why choose us?​

Definitely because of our team and experiences. You will hardly find a company that is 100% focused on VR | AR within the CCE region. We have some of the most experienced VR | AR developers who are daily challenged with heavy tech projects. For example, we have a developer who worked on the Beatsaber, another who participated in the MIT hackathon or developers who, in their free time, create their own VR games.

Of course, YORD is not just about developers but other key employees without whom this company could not exist. We have excellent 3D graphic designers who create creative animations, 2D graphic designers who complete graphics into individual projects and campaigns, project managers who oversee that the project goes from start to finish according to our client’s needs, and sales & marketing specialists without whom it would be impossible to reach you, our clients and partners. And we can’t forget about our great financial manager, without whom no one could buy their favourite VR games for the evening.

What did we achieve?

One of our first projects, MAINWARE, was declared the best industrial digital innovation of 2019 by @amsp_cr. MAINWARE is smart maintenance 4.0 that preserves know-how, saves valuable resources and defines new standards for maintenance processes.

The next award was for our Project CSOB Innovation Report in Virtual Reality, which won 2 major prizes at the Fenix content marketing awards. 1st place for the best project in the Banking / Finance category and 3rd place for the best project in the Report Media category. The three key reasons that a VR & AR studio can compete with the best marketing agencies are a fantastic team, an innovative client and the fact that CONTENT IS GOING IMMERSIVE.

We were also awarded as one of the top AR/VR development providers by Clutch. Co. Most successful businesses have opted for investment in B2B providers in recent years, which is why you must pick the best one. Clutch ranking us amongst 2020’s top AR/VR developers made our day!

What does our client say about us?​

Martin Matulík (PwC)

I have had a great experience collaborating with Yord. The team developed advanced features of desired quality for VR applications exceptionally quickly. Smooth communication, pro-client approach, results above expectations. Highly recommended!!!

Peter Bulir (ŠKODA)

YORD developed an AR application for us to promote electromobility and explain plug-in hybrid powertrain quickly and interactively. Perfect communication and reasonable costs.

David Cole (ONE)

We worked with Yord to develop a series of custom Instagram AR filters and were impressed. The team were incredibly creative and a great partner throughout the project. I would recommend them and hope we can work with them again in the future.

Our next steps?

Our vision is to become a leading global studio in VR/AR, and we are grateful for all the clients and partners who have joined us on this journey. Our last move was to expand to the US and be among the top custom software development companies in NYC. With our new office in New York we now chase the goal of becoming one of the best New York Virtual Reality Companies.