Korek Telecom VR History Showcase: An Interactive Dive into Korek's Legacy

VR Experience • Korek Telecom

For our client Korek, we created a VR experience to showcase the history of the Korek Telecome company.


In collaboration with Korek Telecom and the Multimedia Agency, our team had the opportunity to showcase an extraordinary VR project at the HITEX conference. The primary objective of this project was to present the history of the Korek company in an interactive and playful way, captivating the audience’s attention.


The brief

Our client’s objective was to create an interactive and engaging experience showcasing the rich history of the Korek company. The project aimed to leverage VR-3 Varjo headsets and the Unreal Engine software to deliver an immersive and playful narrative.

  • Client

    Korek Telecom

  • What we did

    Design, Development

  • Technology


  • Device

    Varjo Headset


Bring vision to life through VR.

Pushing the boundaries of storytelling with the transformative power of VR.


The challenge of the project was to optimize and seamlessly integrate the VR-3 Varjo headsets with the Unreal Engine software for Korek company’s VR venture. This required a combination of technical skills and an understanding of Korek’s history to deliver stunning visuals, lifelike animations, and a smooth VR journey through time.


Our team developed a compelling narrative through iterative design and user testing, ensuring an intuitive and enjoyable experience for users. Guided by user-centered design principles, we created a seamless and immersive VR experience, optimized for high-quality visuals and smooth frame rates. Through rigorous testing, we identified and resolved any technical issues that emerged. 


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