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Development of an interactive AR game built around the narrative of Golem. 



We created this project due to our participation in a global hackathon from Niantic called Lightship AR Development Kit, which focuses on occlusion and real-life environments.


The brief

Our team decided to develop an interactive AR game connecting the users with an old narrative of Golem and leading them through the historical parts of Prague.

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  • What we did

    Design, Development

  • Technology


  • Device

    Tablet, Smartphone


Niantic is a global AR software jam where selected developers receive training in a workshop and create games and apps with the software development kit.

Let's push the limits of the physical world and create something unforgettable!


Our task during this hackathon was to find an appropriate way to put the Lightship AR Development Kit into practice.


We developed a game that leads the user through the old narrative of Golem in an AR environment. The game encourages visiting the streets of the Jewish Quarter in Prague. The overall goal is to overcome various challenges and collect missing parts of Golem.


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