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Virtual Showroom • Jewelry

We help luxury brands bring their products to VR-commerce and give customers an intimate shopping experience through immersive interaction.

We create immersive experiences that showcase luxury goods through hyperrealistic 3D environments. Customers can interact and engage with products and professionals, as well as finalize their purchases.

As retail rapidly moves online, we help you present your product in an innovative way and sell more effectively by giving your clients the best experience.

  • Client


  • What we did

    Design, Development

  • Technology

    VR, Virtual Showroom

  • Device

    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Oculus

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High class luxury showrooms for your products.

Interactive showrooms where you can virtually engage with your customers in a memorable way.


 – Higher conversion rate

 – Lower bounce rate

 – Greater imagination

 – Stronger storytelling

 – More interaction 

 – Better Customer Experience

 – Access to analytics

 – High focus on V-commerce

 – Greater engagement


 – 3D high tech environment

 – Product integration

 – Brand personalization

 – Videos, Photos, Animations

 – Working on mob/web/tablet

 – Data Analytics + Heat maps

 – Interactive points

 – Payment process

 – Voice communication + Chat 


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