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Interactive Screen Experience • LEGO

Transforming spaces with LEGO friends interactive screens.


LEGO Friends Interactive Screen serves as a revolutionary application that merges motion-capture technology with 3D graphics, allowing users to become one of the eight LEGO Friends minidolls.


The brief
For the LEGO Friends spring campaign, the client has commissioned a new interactive application available in four countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania, because they wanted to entertain but also foster a deeper connection between the LEGO brand and its audience.

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  • What we did


  • Technology


  • Device

    Interactive Screen


Create unforgettable experiences for users.

Experience the future with digital interactive walls, leaving a lasting mark on all who interact.


– Enhanced Brand Experience

– Boosted Sales

– Educational and Informative

– Event WOW Factor

– Data-Driven Insights

– Customizable Creativity


– Retail

– Museums and Galleries

– Education

– Events and Exhibitions

– Advertising and Marketing Agencies

– Gaming and Entertainment


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