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AR Filter • Filterious

AR filters are a big trend in the world of Instagram these days.We decided to keep up and create a separate initiative that would focus on just this idea.

Filterious is an initiative that focuses solely on social media filters. We offer the complete services of brainstorming, creating and maintaining social media filters for our clients.

The brief
This is an internal initiative without a specific client. But the goal is to create a separate entity that will be known in the world of online and digital marketing.

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    Strategy, Design

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We created more then 20 original AR filters for profit and non-profit organizations all around the world.

"Combining creativity and augmented reality, Social Media filters are simply our passion"

David Marak - CTO of YORD


Challenge was to create a well-mixed team of art creatives, developers, 3D graphics to deliver clients the best possible experience. 


Our solution is a separate entity called Filterious that focuses primarily on Instagram filters that are more and more popular among businesses and users on social media.


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