MR Piano Application: Play Piano Effortlessly Without Music Theory

MR Piano App • ArtMaster

We are introducing ArtMaster MR Piano App that is revolutionizing piano learning!



In cooperation with our client, we have successfully developed a Mixed Reality (MR) application prototype that enables users to effortlessly and instantly perform their favorite piano compositions with both hands, irrespective of their knowledge of music theory or ability to read sheet music. 


The brief

Our client ArtMaster wanted a groundbreaking app that allows users to effortlessly play piano compositions with both hands, regardless of their music theory knowledge. Our app offers piano calibration, a seamless user experience, solid educational content, advanced key detection, and smooth performance. Leveraging innovative technologies, we provide an immersive and personalized learning experience. 

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  • What we did

    Design, Development

  • Technology


  • Device

    VR Headset


Experience the ultimate joy of piano playing.

Master the piano with a Mixed Reality app that makes learning exciting and engaging.


The biggest challenge of this project was ensuring precise piano calibration to allow for seamless interaction between the user and the piano, but the team’s dedication, expertise, and perseverance successfully addressed it.


The solution involved implementing advanced calibration algorithms and fine-tuning the app’s interaction with different piano models and keyboard sizes. We achieved high accuracy and functionality through extensive testing and iterative refinements in aligning the virtual keys with their physical counterparts.


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