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AR Smart Maintenance • Mainware

Since Yord is primarily focused on agency work, we felt there was something crucial missing. That something was a product that would embody our passion, technical know-how and experience. The product is MAINWARE – SMART Maintenance 4.0.

MAINWARE is a holistic solution for maintenance 4.0 – it is a complex software that connects the best practices from project management, maintenance, industry 4.0, AR/VR and artificial intelligence.

The brief
Our clients want to get rid of paperwork and enhance their knowledge keeping and sharing process. They want to be able to repair their machines and robots as fast as possible AND as cheap as possible.

  • Client


  • What we did

    Strategy, Design, Development

  • Technology

    AR, VR

  • Device



Create a solution that helps factories to maintain their products and machines in a modern way.

MAINWARE was rewarded with the industrial innovation award of 2019.

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic


YORD’s part in this product was to develop and maintain the AR/VR and 3D aspects of the whole solution. We focused on interactive manuals and tutorials and also user experience.


Due to the agile nature of our development process, we constantly cycle between design, development and testing phases. This allows us to flexibly react to feedback and accomplish our goal of creating a great user experience. YORD is an official technological partner of MAINWARE.


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