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MR Museum • Bruntál

Development of a full museum exhibition including Augmented and Virtual Reality stations.


We created a fully immersive nature exhibition in Bruntál Castle that incorporated the lasted AR and VR technology to bring the plants and animals to life before your very eyes.


The brief
The goal was to reimagine boring, stationary exhibits and create something dynamic and educational that would be fun for any age. The exhibit is vibrant and engaging, perfect for families and even older participants. There are instructional navigators throughout so even newbies can use the amazing technology.

  • Client


  • What we did

    Design, Development

  • Technology

    AR, VR

  • Device

    Tablet, VR Headset


Immersive exhibitions bring art and education to life by incorporating AR and VR solutions with dynamic elements, points of interaction and engaging features.

Let's push the boundaries of reality and create something unforgettable for your visitors!


The major challenge of this project was that every element needed to take reference from real, unique flora and fauna of that region of Czech Republic. Our designers and developers made every visualization and model from scratch to fit the specific nature of the exhibit. It was a totally distinctive and one-of-a-kind experience for both museum curators and our team.


The Bruntál Museum exhibition featured several rooms with fully immersive experiences. In the spaces, visitors could use tablets, mobile phones and even VR headsets to learn more about the nature around them. Everything, from the 3D models and applications to the room designs, wallpaper and carpets were designed and developed by our wonderful team. This was probably one of our favorite projects to date!


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