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AR Filter • Sportisimo

We created an interactive Instagram filter to support Sportisimo’s marketing campaign.

We developed an Instagram Filter that helps increase engagement rates and shares across the Social Media platforms of Sportissimo — a Czech network of shops and online shops with sports equipment.

The brief
The client wanted a filter to support their New Year’s marketing campaign. We created an interactive Instagram Filter with various answers that engage audiences and help the shareability on the client’s Social Media.

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    AR Filters

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Randomizer filters capture audiences' imaginations — fun, simple self-expression for brands to express themselves and engage their audiences.

Create AR Filters that support your brand and allow users to interact with your content in a unique way!


The main challenge for us was to create a filter that would be easy to use but simultaneously highly engaging for the audience, so they would like to share it across their social media platforms.


Our solution was a fun randomizer filter that the audience would scroll through funny and useless possibilities. The answers were meant to be funny and unexpected to garner a reaction from users and increase shareability. Once the answer is revealed, a message from Sportisimo popped up advising users to follow one of Sportisimo’s new year resolutions.


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