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3D Visualization • Raiffeisenbank

We modernized the presentation of projects for our client Raiffeisenbank with a completely virtual space and experience.


We created a futuristic, virtual office for employees that would act as a place to view past, current and future projects in a new and exciting way. The office is a beautifully designed capsular space with a transparent glass ceiling and walls. The environment behind the windows changes with the seasons.


The brief
The client wanted a place to visualize the status of projects for their team. We created a board with team info, an animated dog that signifies successful projects, a yellow “library” that represents past projects, an actual pipeline that shows upcoming projects, and many more details.

  • Client


  • What we did

    Design, Development

  • Technology


  • Device

    Oculus, Web


Stunning 3D Visualizations of real or created spaces, optimized for your business, available on any device.

Futuristic, virtual offices in 3D and Virtual Reality.


Our challenge was to incorporate the client’s vision of a 3D space in a way that would be accessible and visually captivating for all employees. The goal was to present past, present and future projects. In addition, the virtual space is a presentation of the R&D team itself. Employees are able to understand more about this division of the bank – who they are, what they do and when to contact them. 


The 3D Visualization of the office was made available on both Web and VR platforms. The main function of the room was to present past, current and future projects. However, it was important for both us and the client to make the space not only functional, but also engaging and visually compelling. Unique additions, such as the pipeline and robot dog served to enhance the user experience.


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