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360° Walk thru • University of Economics

The University of Economics Prague is a distinguished academic institution within the CEE region. Moreover, some of YORD’s employees have the privilege to call this University their alma mater.

Every year universities are trying their best to charm students and show them what it feels like to study under their wings. The University of Economics is no exception. Due to the current challenges, the institution decided to bring potential students even closer to a real visit.

The brief
The client wanted to show the beauty of the university in a new and modern way which would have the potential to attract more prospective students.

  • Client


  • What we did

    Strategy, Design, Development

  • Technology

    AR, VR

  • Device

    Tablet, Oculus


University wants to bring potential students even closer to a real visit.

The world may seem a little less real to your customer these days. With 360° it is clear again.


Our task was to create a 360° view of certain rooms and spaces in the university and add some interesting and fun texts to each of them. Then put it all together and deliver a wonderful 360° presentation of our beloved university.


The shooting itself took 3 days to execute and was shot on our own 360° degree camera. Afterwards, we post-processed the 360° scenes. With these polished scenes we created an overall experience through interactive points from icons to the actual content.


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