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While our summer and autumn internships are still ongoing, it’s finally time to share a bit more about our experience with international students from all around Europe who came through the Erasmus+ program to work with YORD. Our lovely interns also reviewed the work they did, what they have learned and how they would rate the overall cooperation. What we admire the most about students is that they are eager to learn, they bring an out-of-the-box perspective to the startup and they want to be part of this challenging environment. So to all students, feel free to follow us for future open positions – we would love to have a virtual cup of coffee together!

How it all started…

In 2021, for the first time, we began looking for the most motivated interns from different countries who wanted to gain experience in their field of study and explore Virtual and Augmented reality with our studio. It all started in March when we launched several positions in different areas on the erasmusintern.org website, specifically in web&unity development, graphic design, content creation, project management, and business development. At the end of May from more than hundreds of interviews, we chose 11 brave students, who joined (and will join) Yord and MAINWARE team for short-term internships. We welcomed on board interns from Turkey, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and much more, but also from our home country – Czech Republic. For most of the students, it was actually one of their first-ever work experiences!

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What do we look for in our interns?

The most important attributes that we look for in every candidate are:

  1. Openness to technologies Even though not all of us in the team have a tech background, we are willing to learn more about new technologies and keep up with trends. The same applies to interns who don’t have to know everything about VR or AR.  A good research about these topics and willingness to learn is the key. We are happy to welcome people with a similar mindset and passion for technology as us.
  2. Creativity and coming up with new ideas From our point of view, every position needs a bit of creativity. In tasks that we are giving to all students, we are not looking for perfection, but for how students think and turn their thoughts and ideas into reality.
  3. Challenge-driven personality If the students are ready to challenge themselves and are open to trying new and unexplored things, then Yord is the place for them. Our interns are working on real projects where they are fully included in all steps of the process. We are giving them guidance, but also freedom in their actions. It may sound challenging to be truly responsible for delivering projects to our clients, but this is the best way to learn something!
  4. Can chug a beer (and preferably create memes) Chugging a beer and creating memes is our daily bread and part of our culture. Every month there is something to celebrate, so our rooftop office is always full. Regarding memes, we actually have a channel for it on Discord where we send everything that is related to our projects, office life, or birthdays. If you feel that you are good in both, we are already waiting for your application!

How can other students join us?

If a student feels like the position is a good fit for him or her, they can apply through the eramusintern.org website, LinkedIn or write directly to me (as an HR Manager).

Students have to briefly introduce themselves, include the reason why they are applying to our company and they are the best fit for the open position, or summarize everything in the motivation letter and then send us a resume or their LinkedIn profile. This is followed by a selection process when we invite the most suitable candidates to the first round of interviews and have a short get-to-know call or offline meeting. After our first touchpoint, we are giving applicants an assignment or adequate demonstration of the work they will be doing, and when the student will pass the task successfully, there is the final round with our Co-founders where we discuss our cooperation in more detail and make a final decision.

Even if we don’t end up working together, we want it to be a positive experience for the student. That’s why we always give feedback if they want to and we ask them in turn.

What do students say about the internship?

Which skills did you improve in content creation?

“I never worked with B2B segment, but as an intern, I learned to conduct market research and find ways to persuade targets through different channels. I improved my graphics, video editing, and photography skills and understood the importance of implementing SEO in the company’s blog.” Eliza (Tallinn University – Estonia, Content Creator Intern)

What was the “wow” moment when you had your first meeting with a client?

“How much I still have to learn. Being communicative is not everything. I learned that it is important to gain as much insight into our activities as possible so I can provide our customers with concrete and relevant information.” Marek (Prague University of Economics and Business – Czech Republic, Business Development Intern)

What do you value the most about your mentor?

“For me the most important thing was to have a mentor who will help me to get as much knowledge of project management as possible and improve my skills. I was lucky to get Elena as my manager – she is giving me the opportunity to show myself, to understand deeper all the processes of the projects, to implement my own ideas.” Vladislava (the University of Security Management in Košice – Slovakia, Project Manager Intern)

How would you describe the atmosphere at YORD?

“In just one word: energizing. Before I came here I thought that would have been more like a corporate style, but actually is completely different. People at Yord are professional and inspiring. Seeing Yord people working, makes you feel to work more and learning other things that I don’t know yet.” Keven (University of Bologna – Italy, 2D Graphic Designer Intern)

Finally, we would like to thank every intern who joined us and helped us in our mission to be the best global leading VR & AR studio. Through the Erasmus website, we found many talented students and some of them actually became Yordians! We are looking forward to seeing them grow and meeting new interns in the future.

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