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Is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality the next big thing in HR?

In our last blog post, we covered several trends in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for 2021. VR/AR has incredible potential in almost every industry and can help people create, maintain and explore new possibilities in business. A surprising, but similarly successful, application of these technologies is in the world of HR. We have a whole new space opening up that can maximize human capital instead of diminishing it. Let’s explore the possible future of this field.

Challenges of a Hybrid Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, perhaps forever. Since there is no immediate end in sight, many companies realize that adapting to new and changing conditions is essential for their companies’ success. For one, HR processes such as hiring, onboarding, training, meetings, O2O’s, and much more have to be done remotely and in innovative ways. We’ve also seen companies switching into hybrid work models. 

man using VR headset in office

The pandemic has shown us that working partially from home can benefit both employees and employers. This model supports flexibility and collaboration by mixing in-person and remote settings for work based on both business and individual needs. It’s also still new for many, and we have yet to see whether companies will adapt this hybrid model in the long run, head back to the office full time or even transfer to 100% remote work.

This, then, is the perfect place for Virtual and Augmented Reality to make its entrance. VR/AR can help make work feel far less remote and employees see this technology as fun tools rather than mandated company requirements.

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How can VR/AR help HR?

Even though VR and AR technologies may not fully replace offline touchpoints, there are several options for interacting with employees during a remote or hybrid work routine.

  • Meetings in your virtual office – one of the options is to create a virtual copy of your real-life office, where you can fully interact with its environment and, for example, make a cup of fresh coffee. There you can gather with the team and organize virtual touchpoints. The same applies to virtual showrooms, which are tailor‑made to your brand.
  • VR team building activities – effective team solution that can come in many forms, such as a survival game or escape room. Team members can be trapped in a virtual world, and the others have to help from the real world. This is an excellent opportunity to improve employees’ communication skills, strengthen bonds between them or solve the problems more efficiently.
  • Virtual training/education – There are many benefits of using VR in training or education, such as outstanding visualization, the possibility to practice anytime and anywhere, interacting with virtual scenes, and much more! It’s far easier to train employees on virtual machines, and moreover, these simulations prove safer and often more effective.
people palying VR team building

Innovations in other HR processes

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are starting to become popular innovations for employee training, recruitment, and several other HR processes. Let’s take a look at the possibilities of innovating HR processes and how to provide candidates and employees with the best possible experience!

Virtual Tour around the Office

Creating a virtual tour around your company is a great way to allow candidates to get to know the office layout in a fun and exciting way. They can get a complete experience of the work environment before joining the company from any place and experience the area as if they were there! Imagine adding fun features like employee avatars, information points and personalized animations. A virtual tour is also a great way to be transparent with potential employees while benefiting the company’s page and improving SEO ranking.

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Recruiting Games and Virtual Interviews

VR technology can make recruiting easier and more exciting for candidates. For example, a candidate can be interviewed virtually without traveling to the company’s location. And not in the traditional ‘Zoom’ way – but appearing in a virtual space together and interacting in more authentic ways. For example, HR Managers can see how people perform in actual scenarios and prepare for real-world situations. And don’t worry, many of these experiences are accessible on the web, so no headset required. (Although we strongly recommend you get one to experience all the amazing things VR has to offer!)

man using VR headset to train

Onboarding with AR and VR

The onboarding experience is crucial for new employees, especially when they are in different places and can’t meet in one area. During the onboarding process, new hires can learn about the company, have their first trainings and meet the whole team. VR onboarding can be completed with 3D graphics, interaction, fun games, and other elements to make it feel authentic and accurate to the real-world.

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