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Instagram and Facebook filters for your campaign

New features, new possibilities, new tools. One would get lost in the jungle of social media. Sometimes we are so angry that it all changes so fast, and we can barely catch up and want to say no to new ideas and approaches. No worries, we got you covered. Get on board with the latest trend that is still only used by a handful of companies. 

One of the social media trends which increased by more than 25% during quarantining is AR social media filters. More and more people are using AR filters which solve entertainment and connectivity issues. We have had a chance to help many companies to create their campaign and brand Instagram filters. And guess what? We love it, and we want to continue with it. That’s why we created FILTERIOUS.

FILTERIOUS is YORD’s baby project which is 100% focused on developing and creating the original filters for for-profit and non-profit organizations. Learn more about Filterious here

Social Media Filters

What are Instagram Filters and Why are so damn hot marketing topic? 

AR Instagram face filters overlay digital objects and 3D elements into the physical world. AR filters are easy and quick to use. Just select the filter to apply to your real photo and there you are. Each filter has a combination of different effects, colours, 3D models, music and much more.

Don’t tell me that you never try it before. The dog ears. The dog tongue. Yeees, here we are. It is supper fun way how to communicate with your friends and family too. 

Hopefully, you know what AR filter is but you are curious why your company should use it for your marketing campaign or for building brand awareness.

Benefits of using Instagram and Facebook Filters:

  • easier to get viral 
  • higher user acquisition 
  • build brand awareness
  • support your campaigns
  • higher engagement and impressions 

#It attracts people​

Yes. Surprisingly it attracts people and gets more impressions than paid ads. It usually takes someone creative to come up with a catchy idea for a filter and someone who can make the idea happen. And BOOM. It goes viral. And what does it mean that it goes viral? People talk about it. Yes, WOM. Every marketer wants to have the best WOM. People try it out and share it with others. 

It has the potential to go viral and can bring an enormous reach than whatever you are currently working on. An essential point in this section is that it is trendy, so if your business focuses on fashion, food and beverage, or cosmetics, or you have just a fantastic idea. Your target group is mainly generation Y and Z; adding a filter to your marketing campaign could be perfect. 

Face Filter
Face Filter
Face Filter

#There are endless possibilities when it comes to filters!

The world of Augmented and Virtual reality is limitless – your business can be about anything, and there will always be a way to connect a filter to your marketing campaign. Suppose your business can be found within legal boundaries, and you don’t promote dangerous activities. In that case, Facebook will be more than happy to give your filter a go during the publishing process!

#You get numbers! And you get numbers! All of you are getting numbers!​

Like in any other digital marketing campaign, what is essential is analytics. How many people saw the post, engaged, clicked, et cetera. SPARK AR filters are no exception. SPARK offers an excellent overview | and insight where you can see the number of people who saw the filter, the number of people who tried the filter and the number of people who proceeded to share the filter with others! This tool can also help you track the number of people who came across your campaign!