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AR Workshop By YORD Studio: How To Build Your AR Marketing Campaign?

Building an augmented reality marketing campaign can be an effective way to engage with your audience and create a unique and memorable experience. Compared to traditional marketing content, augmented reality marketing offers a level of immersion that uniquely speaks to the customers. Yord studio, renowned for its expertise in VR and AR, and a proven track record in augmented reality marketing, partnered with MOYA, a digital retailer specializing in AR merchandise and metaverse assets, and hosted a workshop aimed at educating marketing professionals on the effective use of augmented reality for their campaigns.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Marketing

1. Augmented reality sales

By offering an interactive and immersive experience, AR can help customers better understand and visualize a product or service, increasing sales.


2. Bring the ad to life (viral “WOW” effect)

Augmented reality in advertising can make more engaging and memorable content by bringing static ads to life with 3D graphics, animations, and other interactive elements, leading to a “wow” effect that can be shared and promoted on social media.


3. Push engagement by interacting with the ad

Augmented reality advertising allows users to interact with the ad in real time, leading to greater engagement and more meaningful brand interactions. This feature proves how powerful AR in digital marketing is.


4. Increase brand awareness

Augmented reality in marketing can provide a unique and innovative way for brands to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors, leading to increased brand awareness.


5. Affordable and innovative solution

AR is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing techniques if we consider the potential return on investment. But, augmented reality in marketing offers a unique chance for brands to help businesses and brands stay at the forefront of innovation and trends due to its cutting-edge technology.


6. Augmented reality provides more information

AR can provide users with additional information and context about products or services engagingly and interactively, leading to a better understanding of the product or service.


7. Measurable results

Augmented reality campaigns can be easily tracked and measured, allowing businesses and brands to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions. 

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Examples of brands using Augmented Reality in their Marketing

In its advertising campaign, Pepsi Max employed augmented reality to create the impression of a fake window on a bus shelter wall. It relied on an exterior camera at the shelter to capture footage of people and vehicles passing by.

Through the “Burn That Ad” augmented reality marketing campaign, Burger King app users in Brazil can experience the satisfaction of seeing their main competitors’ ads go up in flames through augmented reality by simply pointing their smartphones at them. Once the fire has burned away the competitor’s ad, it will be replaced by a Burger King advertisement, and the user will receive a free Whopper coupon to be redeemed at their nearest restaurant.

Gorillaz augmented reality concert was the first of this kind, as Gorillaz used the technology to create an immersive and interactive experience for their fans. Attendees could download the augmented reality app and watch the virtual band perform on their phones.

At this concert, attendees were transported into a new world as the stage came to life with stunning visual effects and interactive elements. Using Google’s augmented reality technology, the band brought their unique and imaginative universe to life in a way that has never been seen before.

AR Marketing Agency

Augmented reality marketing campaigns have many benefits compared to traditional physical and digital marketing campaigns. They are proven to increase engagement rate by 20%, create a 70% better brand memory recall for customers, and increase CTR by 50%. Brands need to think of the correct strategies to utilize the power of augmented reality. A well-planned concept behind the solution is as essential.

And how do you make sure that your next augmented reality marketing campaign is not a swing and a miss? Hire an augmented reality marketing agency! Yord studio, which continuously ranks as one of the best AR/VR agencies in the world, is helping brands to elevate their marketing strategies using augmented reality marketing campaigns. YORD’s portfolio and case studies prove how powerful immersive marketing can be.

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