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How Can AR/VR Games Help Your Brand?

Augmented and virtual reality could be the right solution for many industries, but gaming is one industry where they always fit perfectly. Games could be done in many different ways but augmented and virtual reality platforms present an ideal solution since interactivity is a massive bonus in the gaming industry. The most obvious example that crossed everyone’s mind once they think of gaming and augmented reality is the mega-popular AR game Pokemon GO. This game single-handedly introduced the potential of augmented reality in gaming to non-gaming users.

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Research has shown that AR gaming grabs the attention of non-gamers since almost 35% of previous non-gamers have expressed interest in AR gaming. And results from VR games are similar, if not even better. As of 2022, the VR gaming industry has an incredible $12.13 billion market size! But AR and VR games are not used only in the gaming industry but could be used as a tool in several other fields, like marketing, healthcare, culture and history, hospitality, retail… 

But why gaming, and how can it benefit a brand or a business? Well, it’s the easiest way to create a playful brand engagement to keep your audience interested, engaged, and educated. It’s been proven that plays help brand messages spread and sink into the audience. Short games are also an effective tool for events, to spread a message, or showcase the product’s ability. 

Virtual Reality Games 

Virtual reality games are the new generation of video games that require virtual reality hardware. They are usually based on player immersion. Obvious disadvantages include the equipment, but the level of immersion is unmatched. Compared to regular PC video games, VR games have some limitations, but for players who enjoy a high level of immersion, VR games are as good as it goes.

Besides tech-specific immersion benefits, VR games offer some unexpected bonuses compared to other platforms. There are health and fitness benefits since many VR games require moves, unlike most PC games, which keep the player sitting for hours. VR games have also proven to cure some phobias since the environment can face you with darkness, flying, heights, or many other things that resemble reality so much that you will feel like you’re there. Some of the other benefits include growing intellect, reducing stress, etc.

Augmented Reality Games 

Unlike VR games, which often require special hardware and a separate room to create an immersive environment, augmented reality gaming utilises the existing environment to create a playing field. Games created in AR combine the visual and audio content from the game and the user’s real-life environment. The apparent advantage of AR games compared to much more immersive VR games is that, in most cases, you only need a smartphone or a tablet, thus reducing the user’s costs.

AR games have many benefits compared to classic games and often require some form of physical activity. Still, they could provide a hands-free gaming experience, improve social interaction and create real-life experiences. When used for business purposes, they offer a much more interactive experience than regular games, keeping the customers engaged for longer. A great example of these games was created by our studio when we combined AR technology with the old narrative of the Golem and the beautiful city of Prague. This game is set up in the Jewish Quarter in Prague and encourages visitors to this beautiful part of the town. This is a perfect solution to drive people to visit someplace, explain its historical significance, and entertain visitors.

AR Filter Games

AR filters have been used intensively within social media for a good few years. They provided brands with a great tool to stand out from the competition. But with the wide adoption of the filters on social media, it’s more original than it was a few years ago. The AR filter games still drive engagement and stand out from the AR filter competition. Using AR game-based filters compared to standard social media filters creates a much higher customer engagement rate. And if social media personalities use the filters, the game’s chances of going “viral” are pretty high. This works well for any product since it reaches many users.

To celebrate Dr Oretker’s 20th anniversary, we created a unique AR filter that was game based and centred around the brand and its products. They used tracking and mapping technology to create a highly interactive game board with sounds and animations. Interestingly, this filter quickly became the most shared content across all of Dr Oetker’s social media pages.

Why should a brand consider using games as a part of its brand strategy? Games could have multiple purposes, but in most cases, what they do is grab attention. People love to play games, which serves perfectly for brand engagement and education. The cost-effectiveness, broad reach, and high level of engagement make XR games a perfect solution for your next brand’s campaign. If you need help executing this idea, consult with us and see how your brand can use AR/VR gaming technology!

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