Areas where VR & AR help save the business

We spent countless of conversations about virtual and augmented reality to say with confidence that these technologies can more than ever help in today’s turbulent times of social distancingThe number 1 thing we want to do is to help businesses benefit from the immersive VR & AR world, help them see the value that our clients have already discovered, help them understand how VR & AR might help in these difficult times. 

Here are 5 areas where we are already actively helping our clients to address key pain points:

1. Lack of trying and seeing things > VR-Commerce &  Virtual Reality Shopping

Allow your customers to shop either in Augmented or Virtual Reality. Help them to see and explore your product in the virtual space. Imagine having fully immersive shopping experience from the comfort of your sofa.

2. Lack of physical presence > Virtual Meetings  & Virtual Conferences 

Meet and discuss important decisions in the VR, we are creating customized environments and offering consultations where and how to start. The best part is not everyone needs a VR headset, we are working with solutions that allow us to connect through virtual reality headsets and standard desktop solution.

3. Try me before you buy me > AR Filters​

AR shopping filters increase engagement and let users try remotely. Customers who cannot visit physical store constantly looking for ways to decrease the risk of not buying the right product. For example ladies can try make -up with out going to store. Gentlemen can try sunglasses to see if the shapes fit. We are able to deliver AR filters for Instagram, Facebook, your website or app. 

4. Lack of digitalization in Manufacturing & Maintenance > MAINWARE​

Maintenance is one of the key field in manufacturing process.  As one on the few can be fully subsidizes by machines. Companies now more focus on digitizing their factories. Our solution offers full digitalization of maintenance through augmented reality and artificial intelligence. We are proud about the product MAINWARE that for sure is a Startup to watch!

5. How it will look? > AR-Commerce &  Augmented Reality Shopping 

AR shopping doesn’t have limitations of imagination and space. AR Solution for shopping allows your clients to explore and interact with your products in within the real environment. This solution helps furniture & other manufactures to get their products closer to the shopper and boost sales in turbulent days by bringing products into customers’ homes. 

We will more than ever dedicate ourselves to help businesses survive in these difficult times by helping them go truly virtual. Check on DesignRush the best companies. 

Let’s find out how might VR & AR help your business. Feel free to —-> CONTACT US

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