5 Shocking Features You Must About the Apple Vision Pro

5 Shocking Features You Must Know About the Apple Vision Pro

The long-anticipated day for the whole extended reality (XR) field has finally arrived – Apple has introduced its initial spatial computer, the Apple Vision Pro. This device effortlessly merges digital data with real-world elements, enabling users to maintain their presence and forge connections with others. The Vision Pro brings forth a thoroughly three-dimensional user interface, commanded by the most innate and intuitive control mechanisms: the eyes, hands, and voice of the user.

Impact on the industry

During the keynote address at the WWDC, it was revealed that Disney+ will be accessible on the Vision Pro from its launch and they already gave us the preview of Disney’s content on the headset. It stands as an inspiring example of immersive storytelling and the future of sports experiences, setting the stage for the wider media ecosystem. This landmark instance is likely to stimulate substantial investment from other hardware producers as well as content and service providers. 


It won’t simply incite demand for content providers to venture into new XR platforms; it will also necessitate the development of long-term business plans and revenue strategies. Media corporations must recognize that XR will naturally become a key part of media consumption, and in order to maintain their relevance, they must engage with the burgeoning XR market.

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What you should know about Vision Pro

1.   3D layered user interface

The Vision Pro by Apple boasts a flawless 3D layered user interface. This digital overlay adroitly integrates with the real world, courtesy of state-of-the-art technology. Yet, the highlight of its three-dimensionality is the dynamic nature of the Vision Pro’s digital overlay, allowing it to respond to natural light and cast virtual shadows on surfaces.

2.  The most intuitive way to control the device

The Vision Pro doesn’t necessitate the use of a controller; instead, it is ingeniously designed to take inputs based on the user’s body movements.

The headset is equipped with 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones to accurately track the movements of a user’s hands, eyes, and voice. High-speed cameras and a circle of LEDs are employed for eye tracking; these project light patterns onto the user’s eyes to ascertain their gaze direction. To interact with objects within an app, like selecting a button, the user simply looks at the object and performs a pinch gesture in the air.

3.  Display that immerses you

The headset is equipped with dual micro-OLED panels boasting a combined total of an astounding 23 million pixels. For those unfamiliar, this constitutes an incredibly high pixel density. The displays also support a broad color spectrum and high dynamic range. While specific details about resolution and brightness were not disclosed, the company has asserted that each display will offer a resolution surpassing that of a 4K TV.

4.  Apple Eyesight


While it’s simple to become completely engrossed in the Vision Pro’s environments, Apple has taken measures to ensure that those on the outside receive as much attention as those immersed in the virtual world. For instance, the mixed reality headset boasts a distinctive feature dubbed “Eyesight,” which reveals the eyes of the user inside to people outside. This is achieved via an external display that illuminates, creating the illusion of the Vision Pro becoming transparent.

5.  Capture spatial photos

The Vision Pro employs its array of front-facing depth sensors to take photos and videos that resemble 3D. Consequently, content captured by the Vision Pro will exhibit an enhanced sense of depth and realism, making them feel almost palpable. According to Apple, these captured photos and videos can be viewed effortlessly at any time, and they will give the viewer a sensation of being right there in the moment. 

Sum up of Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro marks a groundbreaking advancement in the field of augmented reality and computer vision. Its flawless melding with augmented reality, coupled with robust object recognition and scene comprehension, ushers in a fresh wave of opportunities.


Equipped with features such as smart image detection, real-time segmentation, and sophisticated accessibility options, the Apple Vision Pro genuinely enables users to explore, innovate, and interact in unprecedented ways.

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