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How To Boost Christmas Campaigns with Augmented Reality

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Even though most of us are still in the autumn mood, brands must consider their Christmas strategies. Christmas is a highly competitive season for brands, and capturing our clients’ attention is becoming harder. Augmented reality is a strong tool for brands who want to entertain and engage their customers in purchasing more items.

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For brands like Coca-Cola that have already mastered Christmas marketing with their campaigns, Christmas can be the most profitable year. It is a well-known fact that customers’ willingness to spend increases over the holidays, and in 2020 the holiday retail sales surpassed the trillion-dollar mark!

Even though big brands grab users’ attention and make them spend more than they would, there are many ways smaller brands can jump on the Christmas bandwagon. Augmented reality might be the perfect card up your brand’s sleeve this holiday season. This immersive tool will not only engage your audience but make them invested in spending more on your products and solutions. And the possibilities with this tool are boundless. Check out some of the ideas we have for you!

Christmas gifts for your best customers

1. AR bottle label

A bottle of fine wine is a safe bet for your clients and colleagues for a Christmas present. But why wouldn’t you step up this year and make this bottle alive? We already know that anything is possible with the magic of AR, so the label on your wine bottle can say much more than just “Merry Christmas”. The effect could be anything from your company logo to a portal taking you to Santa’s toy factory at the North Pole. And it doesn’t need to be just wine! Interactive labels can be used with almost any product you want to send out!

2. AR Christmas card 

Christmas cards are the easiest way to show your customers you care about them during Christmas. This type of Christmas present is perfect if you want to share a personalized message, you can create a copy that best reflects your Christmas spirit and brand image. But it doesn’t need to be just a piece of paper with nice graphics. With the implication of AR, a Christmas card, your card can go from basic to unique and creative with just one scan. 

Innovative promo for your brand 

Christmas AR effect 

Social media is also a great platform to showcase your brand’s Christmas strategy, and since it’s so popular and user-friendly, the campaign’s success is almost guaranteed. You can engage and entertain your audience by putting digital visuals in a real-world environment. AR filters are the audience’s favorite, and they are shared much more than the regular non-immersive content, which means you can target your existing users and spread the message to the new ones. And Christmas is the perfect season to do so since there are so many creative things you can do during this time. 

Christmas AR Print

If your Christmas traditions include some traditional media or packages, then you might consider using AR print. Augmented reality can be a powerful tool for your print or billboard campaigns. By adding augmented reality to your existing concepts and already seen campaigns, you can create a unique digital experience for your customers and thus enhance your brand’s image while improving brand awareness and customer loyalty. The most significant advantage of this solution is that you can stay loyal to your traditional Christmas methods and, at the same time, add a unique and new concept to it. Your clients will be amazed!

Christmas AR Portal 

Augmented reality portals are virtual spaces that can be used in an augmented reality environment. Users can literally walk into this portal and thus be a part of the virtual environment created by the portal designer. This concept is easily applicable to the Christmas theme so that the user can experience the winter wonderland with just their phone. A solution like this one is unique, meaning it will stay in users’ minds for a long time once they have the chance to experience it.

According to research, 87% of Gen Z consult social media when deciding what to buy for their loved one’s Christmas present. With the generation that does almost everything online, it’s crucial always to stay one step ahead in the online game, which means having a ready-to-go immersive Christmas strategy this year!

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