Interactive VR Showroom Experience: Explore Products in Vivid 3D Detail

VR Experience • Wundermen Thompson

We are introducing an interactive virtual showcase for our client’s latest product.



We created a VR Showroom focused on acquiring customers with the new client’s product where users can view a 3D model of the device. The device is available in 4 colors, which users can change during the interaction. Users can also optionally display labels on different parts of the 3D device model through interaction.


The brief

Our client wanted to elevate their new product presentation and provide a for their customers simulated, immersive experience in which users can view and examine products without having to visit an actual showroom or store physically.

  • Client

    Wundermen Thompson

  • What we did

    Design, Development

  • Technology


  • Device

    Oculus, Web


Place your product in the spotlight.

Boost sales, enhance customer loyalty, and elevate user experience through Virtual Showrooms.


 – Higher conversion rate

 – Global reach 

 – Engaging 

 – Stronger storytelling

 – Better interaction 

 – Better Customer Experience

 – Cost-effective


 – 3D high-tech environment

 – Product integration

 – Customizable

 – Multi device

 – Analytics Integration + Heat maps 

 – Interactive points

 – Real-time Feedback



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