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We create all kinds of filters – sometimes aesthetically pleasing, sometimes complex and innovative, and sometimes just plain silly!

We create filters for many different companies and we are happy to support our partner, Heureka – the biggest online shopping platform in the Czech Republic.

The brief
Our main task was to design and implement an AR Filter for a holiday campaign that would engage audiences in a light-hearted way. The client wanted to increase engagement on their Instagram and match the friendly tone of their page with an interactive element. The filter was to be simple and utilize the user’s face.

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    Design, Development

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    AR Filters

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Following the release of the filter, the company reported: 672 new followers, 20.7K impressions, 17.7K opens, 12.2K captures and 1.1K shares.

Create AR Filters that support your brand and allow users to interact with your content in a unique way!


The filter needed to be simple, light-hearted and easy to use but also attention-grabbing. We wanted to create something that anyone could use and everyone would want to share with their friends.


The result was a fun randomizer filter which users played to find out what Santa would bring them for Christmas. The filter scrolled through funny and totally useless possibilities. The ‘presents’ were meant to be humorous and unexpected to garner a reaction from users and increase shareability. Once Santa’s present was revealed, a message from Heureka popped up advising users to shop at Heureka if they actually want a useful gift.


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