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AR Filter • Sazka

Development of engaging AR selfie game filter featuring sounds and animations.


We created an interactive AR filter for Sazka — a Czech betting company, to accompany their Christmas TV campaign.

The brief
The goal was to create a filter that was entertaining for an audience. The client wanted users shown as characters from their TV spots to promote their products and increase engagement across all social media platforms.

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  • What we did

    Design, Development

  • Technology

    AR Filters

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AR selfie games filters are fun and easy to use. Provides higher engagement compared to static AR filters.

Interactive, game, packaging - there are so many types of filters to choose from!


The major challenge of this project was to develop an engaging filter that would present the vision of the client while at the same time making it exciting and easy to use for our audience. Of course the major success measurement would be shareability and engagement on social platforms so appealing graphics were a must.


The Sazka filter is an AR selfie game, where the audience supposes to catch lottery tickets, presents or Christmas decorations in a sack just as Santa Claus does.


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