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AR Filter • Loono

We love to support NGOs, and we believe that AR filters are a great way to spread awareness about important causes!

We created an Instagram Filter that makes awareness on Social Media about the importance of mental health.

The brief
Our client Loono – a Czech NGO focused on health, wanted to stress the importance of good mental health. An Instagram filter accompanies their campaign “Dobre nitro” on Instagram and increases shares about this important topic.

  • Client


  • What we did

    Design, Development

  • Technology

    Spark AR

  • Device



Create an Instagram filter that would allow our supporters to engage with us.

"The YORD team were extremely excited to work with us on the project and did well at bringing together our ideas about what we wanted."

Katherine Payne - Digital Campaign Lead


The biggest chalange was preparation of the creative that would reflect the idea behind the movement and engage its supporters. 


We spent the most time on the actual creative behind the filter. Filter managed to bring deeper symbolic of the movement and stress out importance of the Freedom of speech and equality. 


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