ReFork 3D Visualization: Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Recycled Wood
refork 3d visualization

3D Visualization • Refork

Since we love to work with 3D visualization, and have among us a team of 3D graphic architects and product designers, creating attractive visualization is always on our bucket list.

3D Visualization and video presentation of ReFork’s manufacturing hall. ReFork wants to fight the plastic problem by creating different products – from dishes, knives and forks to half meters boxes from recycled wood material.

The brief
The client wanted to have tangible 3D visualization and video materials of every part of the building, with all facilities and factory equipment for various Stakeholders.

  • Client


  • What we did

    Design, Development

  • Technology


  • Device

    Oculus Quest


Create representative and innovative visualization of manufacturing hall.

Innovative businesses use VR headsets, VR presentation and interactive 3D models to show the power of visualization.


The key challenge was to understand factory architecture sketches and place the focus where the focus should be. 


Our 3D graphics with a background in architecture delivered outstanding visualization that is being leveraged for the marketing presentation. 


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